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Lavender Pillows & Cushions

Place one of our calming Lavender Pillows in your bed to help you sleep. Each pillow is filled with organic French lavender buds and nothing else. The scent of lavender has been proven to promote sleep and makes you rise feeling rested.

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About Lavender Pillows & Cushions


Each Lavender Pillow in our comprehensive range is filled with dried Lavender, a potent natural relaxant. The scent of our pure lavender will calm your body and mind, soothing you into a peaceful nights sleep.

We have sourced the finest textiles for our Lavender Pillows including our soft French Linen collection and our delicate Silk Satin range. Nothing is more comforting than our Possum Fur Pillows, whether in bed or on a flight the warmth of the fur and the soothing smell of lavender is a potent combination.

Pack one of our Lavender Pillows into your hand luggage on a long haul flight to help you relax and sleep. The lavender inside our pillows will lightly scent the air around you and prevent unwanted plane smells, replacing them with a natural soothing aroma.

Place a Lavender Pillow on your favorite armchair or use one of our extra Large Cushions on your sofa to keep your sitting room beautifully scented whilst create a relaxing atmosphere. The extra Large Cushions come in a variety of prints from bright and vibrant velvet stripes to an understated graphic flower print.

All our pillows and cushions are fully washable and are fitted with a removable internal Lavender Pillow. Squeeze occasionally to release the lavender scent.

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