Lavender for the Car

I so loved creating this lavender bag. I loathe the smell of dogs in cars! Some are worse than others of course.  But at some stage or another dog owners have smelly cars.

I have kept lavender bags in my car for years.  Everyone always comments on the wonderful smell in my car.  They can get pretty musty.  Any as far as I know the only alternative are those things you buy in car washes that swing from the mirror and mainly smell of synthetic strawberries.

So here it is  A Lavender Bag for the Car full of the finest Provencal French Lavender.  I found the fabric in America.  It really makes me laugh, all those dogs of various shapes and sizes against a dogtooth background. So clever.

I reckoned also it was important to be able to wash the bag.   So it is closed with press stud poppers, just open up  and chuck in the washing machine.  Clean as new.

The other great benefit of this lavender bag is it keeps everyone in the car calm and relaxed.  Imagine that, something to relax the kids in the car.  Keep the driver stress free too.  And guess what I have just lean’t, the scent of Lavender will help relieve the symptoms of car sickness.  Now mothers, how useful is that!

You will never want to take it out of the car.

Enjoy £16.95 plus P & P