The love of Knitting

At Christmas my niece, Alice Lindsell, was given a knitting kit to knit of all extraordinary things a cover for your Starbucks takeaway coffee. sssss Seeing her complete it I suddenly realised this would be something  I would love to do.

So straight off to John Lewis, picked up a Rowan Kitting Pattern for a type of beanie and within 2 days I had my own kitted hat!  I was chuffed beyond belief.  It is pure wool, the colours of my choice and as cosy as anything and cost me £10.  Rowan seem to have the best selection of patterns and wool, although there is a great selection in general on the market.  As I spend much of my day with my glasses on I find my eyes are tired at the end of the day and the last thing I want to do is read.  I can do the kitting without my glasses so this is the most ideal hobby for me.

Since then I have knitted myself a dark marine blue tank top.  Yes a tank top!  I was inspired by a friend of mine who bought one back from Montenegro.  I have to admit it looks very hand made but not such a bad thing in a world where everything is churned out without a hint of love or care.

iiiiiI am now kitting what the pattern calls a Tankini.  Its a pair of shorts with a crop top to match knitted in cotton for balmy summer days.  I must add this is a present for someone young and lithe, not for myself.  I have discovered vintage patterns on Etsy and highly recommend 2ndLookVintage for a great choice.

Next on the list is a great little kitted waistcoat I found years ago at French Connection.  I have copied the pattern and reckon most of my family will be getting one of these next Christmas.  If not this waistcoat certainly something else I have kitted.

I am loving it.  John Lewis have a great selection of yarns. It is not an expensive hobby to take up and is extremely satisfying.  Whenever I come across a stitch or instruction I don’t understand I go straight to You Tube where there are countless easy video tutorials to watch and within no time I am off again.

kkkkIt is only since starting knitting that I have realise it is the preferred past time of catwalk models like Cara Delevingne.  They have got it spot on, it can engross you for hours and I dare say that is whats needed before you get to strut your stuff on the catwalk.

For those interested there is a wonderful campaign called Campaign for Wool.  Follow them on Facebook or check out their site to see some incredible creations.  I have a feeling this new found love is, not before too long, be appearing somewhere in my online store,

So its a big thank you to my niece Alice and to whoever gave her the kitting kit that inspired me so much to get going.  I highly recommend the hobby to one and all, it also has great health benefits which you can read about here.