New Babouche Slippers

I bought a pair of babouche suede slippers over 30 years ago from Jonny Moke in the Kings Road.  And I still wear them today.  In fact I use them as house shoes.  When I come in from the dirty damp streets of London I toss off my outdoor shoes and happily slip into my soft soled suede babouche.   So it is with great pleasure to announce I am now selling a range of Babouche Slippers made from soft suede and leather.

Babouche RedBabouche chocolate suede slippers, house shoes, babouche

The Babouche Slipper is the everyday shoe wear of the Moroccans and are worn by both men and women.  Their origins are from Fez and which is where I have my collection made by traditional experienced artisans.  The collection is available in a number of colour ways and sizes are available from 37 up to 47.  The insole of the suede slippers is softly padded for extra comfort.  The sole is made from rigid leather.

I take my babouche slippers with me travelling too.  They are light to pack and don’t take up much room.  They look very elegant worn with long trousers with a slight flair.

They are a great gift – Last year I gave all my nephew and nieces and my brother a pair for Christmas.  They were the most popular present for years by far.  So for teenage boys and big brothers, who are often so difficult to buy for, these suede slippers are a great present.     All are sold in a cotton shoe bag.

Sold with a cotton shoe bag

Sold with a cotton shoe bag


We will shortly be introducing a Soft Pink pair to the collection so keep checking for new colours.  I hope you enjoy

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    • Hello and I am thrilled you like our babouche slippers. They are not available in black at the moment. The nearest is very dark brown. However I will let you know when we stock them in black. Yours Celia Lindsell

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