Mother’s Day

You either love it or hate it I reckon.  Although I have realised recently that Mother’s Day is not just a commercial stunt it actually dates back a very very long way and all over the world.

hilI came across a very informative site Mother’s Day Celebrations which talks of the Greeks celebrating the maternal goddesses and the Romans celebrating Hilaria the Mother Godess.

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world and almost each country has a different date.  In the UK the date is the 4th Sunday in lent, this year that falls on the 30th March.  And in France it falls the last sunday of March, unless it collides with Pentecost.

hillllI personally feel it is a great day for children, of any age, to show their appreciation towards their mother.  So much of a mothers hard work and dedication goes thankless and it is a good thing to genuinely show appreciation.  Its not about the money you spend, a wild bunch of flowers you have picked will do the job, its about the thought and giving of thanks that is the key.

For those who do like to buy a little something for Mother we have put together an easy to find one page collection of suggested Mother’s Day gifts.  This is a diverse collection including pink suede slippers, Lavender Pillows and embroidered French Heart Baskets.  We hope you enjoy the selection.

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However you feel about Mother’s Day I would like to wish all mothers out there a restful and happy day and hope you enjoy the appreciation thrown at you – you deserve it.


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