What has been going on…..

It has been a very busy couple of months and I am pleased to announce that I have introduced quite a few new products to my online shop.

Right now I am in Marrakech where I am working with a woman’s cooperative who work in textiles and embroidery.  From here I have designed my collection of Tassel Fringed Bath Towels and am about to launch a new range of linen placemats and napkins embroidered here in Marrakech.  They too will be fringed with cotton tassels.  I will keep you posted as to when the Linen Placemats and Linens Napkins are available from my online shop.Bath Towels with Tassels


Cotton Pillow Case.  I have also designed an Oxford style Cotton Percale Pillowcase fringed with the same cotton tassels and embroidered in the four corners.  Receiving pillowcases as a gift has been a favourite of mine so consider these for friends and family.  Again I will inform you of their arrival.

The next product I have always wanted to sell is the traditional Babouche Slipper from Morocco.  These are traditionally from Fez and are handmade by artisans.  The slippers are made from soft suede with a padded insole for comfort.  The sole of the slipper is made from rigid leather.  I wear them as house shoes, that is to say that once home I flip off my walking shoes and with great relief slip into my babouche for comfort and a heavenly relaxing feel.  I have chosen a number of classic colours to start with.   The Dark Chocolate sippers I wear as house shoes and look great with slightly flared trousers.  This also is a colour suitable for men.   The china blue is perfect for lounging in your pyjamas and the Boston red is a favourite for teenagers.    Rose pink will be arriving soon and is always a womans favourite.

Silk Scarves  Whilst living in the South of France I always found trips back to the UK a little chilly.  The answer for this was the Silk Scarf.  I always travelled to the UK with a small selection and found wearing them the perfect way to keep a chill off my neck and they never took up much room in my luggage.  They can be tied in so many ways, they always finish off an outfit with style and most importantly keep me warm.   I sell a selection of Silk Scarves in different shapes and sizes so I hope there will be one to suit you.  I have found you can never have too many, they do not take much room in the wardrobe so get collecting and enjoy the experience.

Silk Scarf


Silk Heart Scarf