Duchess of Cambridge uses Lavender to help with morning sickness

Poor Kate. Her pregnancy was always going to be the subject of intense focus, but now she’s mid throw of morning sickness.

It must be awful having to attend public occasions feeling sick, and having to put on a brave face.

This exceptional Lavender Honey comes from the southern slopes of Mont Ventoux, Provence.


However, I was very happy to hear that the Duchess of Cambridge has discovered the wonderful effects of lavender for treating nausea.

Nausea is a pretty miserable condition. The name actually comes from the Latin nausia, meaning ship. It can be caused by a variety of things: motion, pregnancy, stomach flu, inner ear disorders, emotional stress, chemotherapy and intestinal problems.

These lavender pillows can help alleviate morning sickness.



There is not a specific cure for it, but the good news is that lavender can help alleviate waves of nausea.The Duchess of Cambridge is an international style icon, and presumably is now an icon for many mothers and mothers to be. It’s been revealed that the Duchess has been eating lavender biscuits to help relieve her morning sickness. And very wise she is to do so.

Lavender is perfect for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness, as the smell can help alleviate the condition.

Did you know the scent of Lavender can help relieve car sickness?

Keeping a lavender bag nearby is a good way of dealing with morning sickness on the go. A few drops of lavender oil in a bath, if you have more time, will not only relax, but will also help reduce nausea.

And lavender honey is great for energy when you are on the go.

We have a selection of lavender bags, perfect for anyone who suffers from nausea, even one especially designed for the car. If Kate’s doing it, you can bet this is the latest pregnancy trend.

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