Life with Peacocks

What shall I call them?

Yes I have Peacocks.  I did not mean to.  They belong to my neighbours, however 2 of the offspring have decided to take up residence at my place.

I have to say of all the creatures that could come and visit these are pretty high on the list.  There are some cultures who believe they are evil, thankfully not me.  I see them as good luck.  How could you not.  The blue feathers of the male are so electrifying.  Midnight blue, Mediterranean blue, Jade blue, are just some of the colours I could call them.  Oh yes and of course Peacock blue …..

They come into the house if they can.  I got a real jolt the other morning and woke up virtually face to face with one.  They had wandered into my bedroom while I was asleep!  You don’t want them in the house for long, they are large birds and are not house trained.  However they are quite a site walking around the sitting room.

Yes, they have a large cry.  Only once have I heard this near the house, and it gave me big shock but usually I just hear their parents cry in the distance from a few houses down.  Along with the local donkey they make a great melody at night under the stars.

My peacocks are young so it will be a while before they produce feathers like these but I think its is going to be worth the wait.

There are also dogs in my life here too.  They also do not belong to me either, but that’s another story.  All these animal friends.  I love it.